Welcome to the soft side of life. Go soft and go home.

We create interior design with textiles and personal details in focus.

Jakobsdals x Marianne Haga Kinder

Details in soft shapes.

Discover our marble bowls, decorative vases, sculptures, atmospheric lanterns and beautiful mirrors. Interior design that brings life to your rooms.

We have loved textiles since 1910.

Our love to fabrics is what once made Jakobsdals spin- and what still inspires us.

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Welcome. Our home is your home.

In our part of the universe, the edges are less edgy, the corners a little rounder and life much softer. We have loved textile since 1910 and today, our focus remains on soft and warm interior design for personal homes. In our collections you will find both fluffy pillows, statement mats and quirky furniture.


We are proud that our Ecomix vases were nominated for the Formex Sustainability Award 2023. Our handmade ecomix products consist of recycled paper, chalk powder and resin. A much better option for both nature and your home.

Wall art in unique material

Discover our handmade wall art in unique patterns and earthy colors.

Everything from Alegra with its clean lines and sculptural expression to Lana with felted wool.

The exciting designs will definitely stand out and make itself seen in the home. Details for a softer home.


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