Jakobsdal's Ecomix products are made from natural raw materials.

We strive to work with more and more longterm sustainable products. Our ecomix products are made from an eco-friendly blend of natural and recycled components - chalk powder, recycled and leftover paper and resin. A much better option for both nature and your home. These materials are bonded together to create a strong alternative to other casting materials. They are later hand-painted by skilled craftsmen using timeless craft traditions that originated in Rajasthans dessert.

Since the products are handmade, they vary slightly in design, size, and shape. As ecomix products are made of paper, they do not tolerate water. Therefore, clean your ecomix product with a microfiber cloth. The products contain 65% paper, 20% chalk powder and 15% resin.

Psst. Did you know that a certain type of resin can be used on insect bites, eczema and warts or as a plaster and to heal minor wounds?