Our side tables and coffee tables add a soft touch to your home

Your coffee table is an important and central piece of furniture in your living room. Of course, it is important that they are the "right" size and that they can be used according to your needs. On the other hand, the style of the coffee table depends entirely on the style that already exists in your home or the style you want to complement your home with.
Are you a person who goes all out or is it important that all the furniture matches each other and has a common thread? The answer to that question is only you who have. Our coffee tables and side tables are available in round, rectangular and oval shapes, but also in playful abstract shapes with the feeling of space. All tables are handmade and unique, so no matter what choice you make, you will get an exclusive piece of furniture and a room with a distinctive design. The size of the table can be adjusted for sofas, armchairs, poufs, etc. It is also possible to combine several side tables that can be moved around according to how you spend time with family and friends.
Marble coffee tables and side tables
We appreciate weathered items and the authenticity of the raw materials. The polished and "perfect" marble has been replaced by natural cracks to enhance the raw charm of our tables. Since each table is unique, variations in color and pattern may occur. The table has been polished to enhance the color and pattern as well as for basic protection. This will prevent stains and dirt from settling right away. Keep in mind that marble is a delicate material – spills left unattended will leave lingering stains and marks on your table. It is particularly sensitive to products that contain acids (e.g. wine, citrus fruits, carbonic acid and vinegar).
How to take care of your marble table
Handle your new marble table with love to ensure it continues to look beautiful. To maintain the surface protection, we advise you to polish the table once a month with paraffin oil for the first six months. Clean your table with a dry or slightly damp soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Protect the table from heat and all liquids, including food. Do not use oils or liquids with artificial coloring.
Do not use oils or liquids with artificial coloring. Always use a coaster, preferably heat-resistant and always avoid sharp objects on the surface. If an accident does occur, you can use a small amount of PH-neutral green soap when cleaning the marble table top. It is important that all soap is then completely removed from the surface. After a deeper cleaning of the table, it needs to be impregnated again.