Blankets - for a softer home

A comfortable and soft plaid on the sofa, in the conservatory or on the bed is an obvious interior detail that makes your home a little softer. A plaid can make the pleasant summer evening in the conservatory even longer and the cozy autumn evening on the sofa even cozier. Imagine the feeling of crawling under a blanket, enjoying a hot drink and looking at a freshly lit tree the night before Christmas Eve.
How to take care of Jakobsdals plaids
Our blankets should only be dry cleaned. Our best tip for keeping your blanket fresh longer is to shake it and to air it often.
Our Bello blankets are made of 25% wool, 55% acrylic, 20% nylon.
Psst - do you know what the difference is between a blanket and a throw?
The main characteristic of a blanket is that it has fringes and is a little lighter and a little looser woven. A throw, on the other hand, is usually thicker and has a sewn edge.