Jakobsdals X Marianne Haga Kinder

We at Jakobsdals have started an exciting design collaboration with the Norwegian interior stylist Marianne Haga Kinder. Marianne is a well-known expert in styling and has a passion for both interior design and the garden. With over 173,000 followers on her Instagram account, she inspires people all over the world with the latest trends in interior design, where she candidly shares her own home and garden.


In addition to social media, Marianne holds Instagram courses and lectures on interior design trends. She is a regular columnist in Maison Interior with "Marianne's Interior Universe", where she shares her insights and thoughts on the world of interior design. She also runs her own podcast "Inspiration House", where listeners can take part in inspiring conversations and ideas about creating beautiful home environments. 


This collaboration is an exciting opportunity for us to bring Marianne Haga Kinder's unique vision and style into our products and continue to inspire our customers to create beautiful and harmonious home environments.  Marianne collection


The collection Marianne has created she has chosen to call "Sandstrand". The products are inspired by Mariannes nostalgic journey back to childhood summers at the idyllic beach in Grimstad where she spent many of her summers. The memories of walking along the shoreline and collecting stones and shells like little jewels from the bottom of the sea were woven together with every detail of the collection.


Each element in the collection is a tribute to the exceptional beauty and tranquility that only coastal life can offer, and each accessory carries with it a story of love and memories from a time that is eternally anchored in her heart.