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Where do table lamps fit? It is possible to have lamps for everything and everywhere. Table lamps look just as good on stylish marble tables, aluminum tables or wooden tables in the living room as on side tables in the hallway next to the round, rectangular or oval mirror. Decorate the room with lamps and candles for a warmer feeling with multiple rooms within the room. Large table lamps need more free space. Small table lamps are more often used with other furnishings such as candle holders, sculptures, vases or marble bowls. Therefore, remember to buy lamps that complement and enhances your other furnishings.

What should a table lamp be used for? A table lamp is used both to illuminate any part of the room and to create a nice, homely and cozy room environment. We usually talk about different types of lighting. General lighting aims to diffuse light in the room. Mood lighting is intended to increase the room's cosiness factor, and functional lighting illuminates a limited area. For example, if you want to be able to read a lot and for a long time, you need a lamp with 700-800 lumens. If you only want a nice lighting, 400 to 500 lumens is probably enough.

How to illuminate your living room? A living room needs to have a combination of different light sources. Table lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, window lamps, floor lamps, etc. This is to create a cozy and atmospheric room environment. If you want to create the feeling of a larger room, you need to illuminate all the walls in your living room - dark surfaces make the living room feel smaller and light surfaces make you feel more space.

Buy a lamp made of natural materials. Our handmade and unique lamps are available in papier mache and ecomix. Papier mache consists mostly of paper. The ecomix consists of recycled paper, resin and chalk powder. Our lamps are therefore not water resistant and should therefore only be cleaned with a dry cloth. The lampshades are made of the natural material jute, which together with our lamp bases creates a nice contrast and feeling.