Cushions and cushion covers for all tastes

We at Jakobsdals choose our wide and deep range of cushions and cushion covers with care. The ambition is that you should be able to match new seasons' cushion covers with those from previous seasons. The feeling in the choice of materials, color, texture and patterns should breathe Jakobsdals and have a common thread throughout our range. That's why our cushions can be combined with our throws, candle holders, vases, marble bowls and handmade décor. Change the placing and change your cushions according to mood, seasons and holidays. Let our quality cushions create the feeling you desire in your home.
We want to give you a soft feeling where the cushions add emotion and soul to your home. Therefore, be sure to choose the right cushion cover, but also dare to go bold and be brave in your choices. Mix materials such as bouclé, wool, cotton and polyester with cushions in different shapes, colors, patterns, textures and sizes. Mix stripes, checks and solid colors with patterned design. Our cushions are available in the dimensions 40x40, 50x50, 60x60 cm or in rectangular dimensions such as 40x60 cm.
Our inspiration cataloge gives you tips, ideas and inspiration on how to combine the cushion covers for a lovely and soft feeling in your home.
Take care of your decorative cushions in different colours, patterns, fabrics and materials.
- Always follow the washing instructions that comes with the cushion you buy.
- Always wash the cushion cover inside out.
Puff and air your cushioms from time to time.
- Vacuum the cushions gently with a nozzle designed for textiles.
But above all, use the cushions a lot, but well!