Jakobsdals has bowls in different shapes, colours and materials. Exclusive handmade marble bowls, stylish unique aluminum bowls or wooden bowls in different sizes. Use Jakobsdals bowls to make your home more cosy, unique and a little more you. Our bowls really add the finishing touch when it comes to home design. Let your bowls be a part of your decor and let them take their place. Place them individually or with other bowls. Play with combining bowls made of different materials and different colours. Feel free to mix small bowls and large bowls with high, low, deep or wide bowls. Candle holders, candlesticks, lamps and textiles made of various materials. Stylish bowls go everywhere with pretty much everything. Place your bowl on a side table, living room table, kitchen table, chest of drawers, sideboard or why not in the window. Bowls fit just as well in the living room as in the kitchen, hallway or bedroom.

How do I set the table with bowls? Set the table for a party and let the bowl be part of the table setting. Decorate it with coconuts or dried plants. Decorate the table around the bowl with nature's colors and materials. The green leaves of spring, the beautiful colourful flowers of summer and the rowanberries or lingonberry bushes of autumn. Let one or more large bowls be a central part of the table setting or give each guest a small bowl with something exciting in it. Fill them with herbs, spices, sea salt, olive oil, etc. It's only your imagination that sets the limit.

Be inspired by the restaurant you visit or your favorite cooking show. It's not just about the food and how the food tastes, but also about how it's presented. A neatly and decoratively presented dish can trigger the taste buds and make the food taste even a little better. Here the dish becomes an important detail to bring out your cooked dish in the right way. Treat yourself to a nice bowl and maybe your food will taste even better.

White marble

This carefully handcrafted décor is made of Rajnagar white marble. The name Rajnagar comes from a small district in India, where local artisans have been working with stonecarving for generations. Due to the natural beauty of the marble material each piece is unique.

Black marble

This carefully handcrafted decor is made of Bheslana black marble. The name Bheslana comes from a small district in India, where local artisans have been working on stonemasonry for generations. Due to the natural beauty of the marble material each piece is unique.

Jajslamer Sandstone marble

This carefully handcrafted décor is made of Jaisalmer Sandstone marble. The marble comes from the Indian district of Rajasthan and is named for its resemblance to Jaisalmer sand dunes. The historic city is known for its local artists and amazing culture. Due to the natural beauty of the marble material each piece is unique.

Rainforest Brown marble

The Rainforest Brown marble is also known as the Bidasar Brown Marble because the name comes from the Bidasar Village, in Rajasthan. This marble is known for its extravagant appearance and exclusive texture. It is common for this stone to have voids inside the raw material. Before reaching the polishing stages, these voids are filled with a polyester resin. Depending on how deep the void is, the resin may shrink as it dries. It can leave the surface at the filled areas slightly lower than the rest. This does not affect the maintenance, durability or beauty of the stone. The marble has a light beige to medium brown/orange color that varies from each piece to the next, making each bowl completely unique.

This is how you take care of your marble bowl.

Handle your new marble bowl with love to ensure it continues to look beautiful. Marble is a porous material, which means that it absorbs liquids. It is particularly sensitive to products containing acids (wine, citrus fruits, carbonic acid, vinegar). Clean your bowl with a dry or slightly damp soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or sharp objects against the surface.

Protect the bowl from heat and all liquids, including food. Do not use oils or liquids with artificial color. If an accident occurs, you can use a small amount of pH-neutral green soap when cleaning the marble bowl. It is important that all soap is then completely removed from the surface. For a deeper cleaning of the marble bowl, it needs to be impregnated again.

Jakobsdals Ecomix products are made from natural ingredients

We strive to work with more and more long-term sustainable products. Our ecomix bowls are made from an eco-friendly blend of natural and recycled components - chalk powder, recycled and leftover paper and resin. A much better option for both nature and your home. These materials are bonded together to create a strong alternative to other casting materials. They are later hand-painted by skilled craftsmen using timeless handicraft traditions that originated in Raja desert.

Since the products are handmade, they vary slightly in design, size, and shape. As ecomix products are made of paper, they do not tolerate water. Therefore, clean your ecomix product with a microfiber cloth. The products contain 65% paper, 20% chalk powder and 15% resin.

Psst. Did you know that a certain type of resin can be used on insect bites, eczema and warts or as a band aid and to heal minor wounds?