Marble serving dishes

Combining Jakobsdals marble serving dishes with a stylish table setting can create an elegant and modern feel on your table. Here are some tips for creating a stylish table setting with our marble serving platter.

Choose a simple tablecloth that does not compete with the marble dish, such as a white or gray tablecloth made of cotton or linen. Place the marble dish in the center of the table and place the plates around it. This creates a central focus on the table and gives a balanced and elegant feel. Use simple and elegant cutlery, plates and glasses. Avoid overly patterned or colorful options that can distract from the marble dish. Decorate the table with simple decorative elements, such as small flowers or candles. To create a harmonious look, you can match the color of the decorative items with the color of the marble dish.

Complete the table setting with simple and elegant napkins. Choose a color that matches or contrasts with the color of the marble dish to create an interesting visual effect.

By following these tips, you can create an elegant and stylish table setting with one of our marble serving dishes.